Direct drives

LM 360 L-90

  • Permanently excited synchronous machine
  • Stator with single pole coil, with high cog filling factor, cast
  • Secondary part equipped with permanent magnets
  • Cooling type = free convection, optional: liquid cooling
  • Models: As an integrated motor or complete system
Linearmotor LM 360 L-90 1Linearmotor LM 360 L-90 2

In addition to the two linear motors listed here LM 240 S-90 and LM 360 L-90, the available type spectrum also includes the following drives:

  • LM 120 S-xx
  • LM 360 S-xx
  • LM 480 S-xx
  • LM 180 L-xx
  • LM 540 L-xx
  • LM 720 L-xx
  • LM 900 L-xx

The respective width (active motor width) is customised. The matching secondary parts are also produced in cooperation with the customer. On request, FGB supplies complete axles and also individual special solutions (e.g. dual stator) for special applications.

You can download our general direct drive catalogue here.

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