Test Rigs and Components

Circulating Pivoted Actuator

Circulating pivoted actuators are usually used in test benches to clamp the gear components. The company FGB has been building these kinds of test systems as part of its range of special and test machines for more than 20 years.

With the overall solutions presented here, it is possible to subject components to a practical, efficient lifetime test. Thanks to the hydrostatic radial and axial bearings, the rotary actuators from FGB used in this process are low friction and hysteresis-free. The couplings are connected to the test specimens in a torsionally rigid way and free of play. The test system includes all peripheral devices such as the control block and valve mounting block, leak oil suction (for non-backing up leak oil removal), control electronics, control and test leads as well as connection hoses.

The company offers clamping drives with nominal torques from 1000 Nm to 20 kNm for rotational speed ranges up to 6000 rpm. The clamping systems from FGB are equally suitable for use in both static and highly dynamic tests.

1000 Nm – 20000 Nm

up to 6000 rpm


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