Building Control Systems

Building Control Systems


Gebäudeleittechnik auf verschiedenen Geräten

Our building control system emporium leaves nothing to be desired. It can be used in a platform-independent manner to control all possible building functions from anywhere across the world, or to easily modify scenes, control elements and timers depending on the equipment. Experience the absolute flexibility offered by individual and unlimited configuration options that go above and beyond the known standards for conventional building automation. Come and be inspired by our reference projects in the commercial field and top-end private homes.

Our building control system emporium offers variable setting options that can be defined and changed again at any time to meet requirements. And all this in just a few steps. And the control of roller blinds, lights, heating and cooling is just the beginning. Our solution, however, goes above and beyond this: it can integrate everything that is connected electrically to the building (access control units, cameras, energy meters, charging pillars, alarm sensors, e-mail servers etc.), and also control these units intelligently.

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