Job-order Production

Job-order Production

Many customers that visit our company for the first time are impressed by our extensive production facilities. This is, without a doubt, impressive, especially for a manufacturer of special machines. However, our machine pool does not just serve to cover our own needs for precise individual parts. To a much greater extent, we are also a reliable supplier of parts to many customers at home and abroad.

Our machine pool stands out thanks to its diversity. In addition to the production depth, we also ensure that our machines are technologically state of the art; On the one hand so that we can meet technical requirements, and on the other for economic reasons. Specifically, our production facility has machines for turning, milling, sanding, eroding, deep-hole drilling, gauge drilling and interlocking.

In addition to contract production, we also offer our customers assembly work on an hourly basis. Our fitters have extensive experience and are very familiar with the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical assembly of systems.


Mario Sitzmann

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