Job-order Production


FGB produces highly precise CNC milled parts for different sectors and standards according to a drawing or 3D model.

There are 3, 4 or 5-axle machines available for processing the various materials according to requirements. In addition to milling complex workpieces ‘in one piece’, we also process raw parts, profiles, welded and moulded parts and well as cast parts quickly and efficiently. Using our 3-D programming system (SolidCAM) with CAD/CAM interface, we create the CNC programs, if necessary also at the programming desk, or we use existing drawing data and prepare these for further use in the machines.

To ensure our excellent quality and process innovation standards, we continuously invest in our machine pool and staff training.

We work on the following machines in the CNC milling field:

  • 1x Matec 30P 4000x2500x1300 CNC
  • 2x Deckel DMU 100P 1000x1250x700 5 axes CNC
  • 2x Deckel DMU 80P 800x700x600 5 axes CNC
  • 1x Deckel DMU 75 mono Block 750x650x500 5 axes CNC
  • 2x Deckel DMU 70 eV 750x600x520 5 axes CNC
  • 1x Deckel DMU 80T 500×850 4 axes CNC
  • 1x Deckel DMC 100 V hi-dyn 1250x800x850 CNC
  • 1x Deckel DMC 103 V 1000x600x600 CNC
  • 1x CME BF-04 bed-type milling machine 2500x1200x1500 CNC
  • 1x CME BF 02 1500x1000x1500 CNC
  • 1x Union T110 2000x1600x1600 CNC
  • 2x Deckel Maho DMU 60T 630x560x560 CNC
  • 2x Hitachi Seiki VS 50 vertical processing centre 997x500x445 CNC
  • 1x Mikron 900x450x300 CNC
  • 1x Isel MP65 1000x650x350 3 axesCNC
  • 1x Reckermann vertical processing centre 1520x760x680 CNC
  • 1x Reckermann bed-type milling machine 1000x370x450 CNC
  • 1x WMW/FSS 400×1600 conventional
  • 1x Avia 580x380x380 conventional
  • 1x interlocking ZFWZ 160×3 conventional
  • 1x interlocking ZFWZ 710×8 conventional


Mario Sitzmann

phone: +49 (0) 9771 68877-510