Job-order Production


Surface precision and dimensional accuracy are of fundamental importance for almost all machine parts. We have conventional and also CNC-controlled machines both for surface processing and also round grinding to meet almost all customer requirements and for products that require absolute precision.


We process workpieces up to a grinding length of max. 1,000 mm on our CNC round grinders for inner and outer round grinding. We grind various materials of different qualities and grades, e.g. steel, stainless steel, copper, graphite, brass and sinter alloys, hardened steel, hard metal and more.

Our CNC round grinders are state-of-the-art and have grinding diameters of up to 1,000 mm and a max. grinding length of up to 1,000 mm.


We grind your products on modern flat grinders and attach great importance to high quality and precision.

We are perfectly equipped to meet your dimensional accuracy and surface quality standards. This allows us to realise a dimensional accuracy of less than 3 µm.

We have no flat grinding limits as far as materials are concerned, which means we can grind all steels and non-ferrous metals.


In the field of coordinate grinding, we can process a wide range of workpieces and moulds according to your specifications – from mould plates through machine parts up to and including dies and stamps. We also process equipment of all kinds, clamps e.g. collets and insertion gauges.

Here is an overview of the grinder range

  • 1x Kehren Ri8-4 Ø 1100×1000 CNC
  • 2x Studer S33 Ø 350×1000 CNC
  • 2x Studer S30 Ø 350×1000 CNC
  • 1x Studer S35 Ø 350×1000 CNC
  • 1x Studer S40-2 Ø 350×600 CNC
  • 1x Ribon Ø 300×1000 conventional
  • 1x WMW SU Ø 250×1500 conventional
  • 1x WMW SU Ø 250×400 conventional
  • 1x WMW SI 4A Ø 200×250 conventional
  • 1x Elb Rotany H8 rotary table Ø 800 NC
  • 1x GMN MPS 2R300 rotary table Ø 300 conventional
  • 1x Okamoto 105 DX 500×1000 conventional
  • 1x Okamoto ACC 95DX 400×800 conventional
  • 2x Okamoto ACC 63DX 300×600 conventional
  • 1x Okamoto ACC 52 DX 210×520 conventional
  • 1x Mikromat 200×600 conventional
  • 1x Hauser 410x250x500 conventional


Mario Sitzmann

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