Job-order Production

Calculation / Offer Preparation

Thanks to our commitment to the machining of complex parts over the past 40 years and more, we have already seen and experienced a lot. We are happy to pass on this extensive experience to our customers. We are experts as far as the production of complex single parts and small to medium series are concerned. We are highly competitive in this sector thanks to our extensive machine pool. And we are honest about those areas where we are not. Our long-standing customers appreciate this.

We will be happy to accept your part production enquiry and process this quickly. Our team of experienced calculators and planners work hand in hand, and coordinate internally about the respective technology required to manufacture your parts. Based on this, the calculation determines the material and the required work hours, and these are then incorporated into the quote. This can also be carried out quickly and reliably for unusual parts based on our extensive know-how in the field of turning, milling, sanding, eroding, deep-hole drilling, gauge drilling and interlocking.

Do you have an enquiry about a part that you need to realise quickly? Then just send us your drawing documents by e-mail. We will send you a quote as quickly as possible. Come on, challenge us! Just ask us, we will be happy to take on your challenge.


Mario Sitzmann

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