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12. April 2024

Trainees free themselves

On Thursday, 11th of April 2024, the Trainee Club of the steinbachgruppe took a trip to the Escape Room “GeheimnisReich” in Schweinfurt/Gochsheim. For 90 minutes, the young employees puzzled, followed exciting clues and hot tracks as part of the adventure game. Their goal: to solve the mysterious mystery and win as a team! In the themed rooms, “I just want to play!” and “Yin & Yang”, where they were enclosed, fun and excitement were guaranteed! Together, the trainees were able to solve the mysterious tasks and finally free themselves. This put everyone in a good mood!

After a successful escape from the “GeheimnisReich”, they were able to fortify themselves with a snack and exchange ideas about what they had experienced together.

In addition to the annual kick-off for new trainees, the steinbachgruppe’s AzubiClub is intended to promote getting to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and to encourage good cooperation. Trainees from Bavaria and Thuringia were present at the event. They were accompanied by their trainers Marcus RoƟhirt, Simon Schmitt and Hannes Reiter, who were also actively involved in the team building and always ensured a good atmosphere.

Photo: The participants of the apprentice club of the steinbachgruppe in front of the escape room “GeheimnisReich” (Photo: Hannes Reiter)

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