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10. May 2022

Quality at a new level

Since March 2022, FGB has a new CNC coordinate measuring machine from the manufacturer Mitutoyo. By that the company had raised in-house quality assurance to a new level. The machine is perfectly suited for carrying out precise measurements on individual parts, which can be performed quickly even with many measuring points thanks to high speed/acceleration.

The newly developed absolute scales are extremely resistant to external influences, such as production-related contamination. Furthermore, the device has an integrated thermal error compensation (16 °C to 26 °C) which includes the workpiece.

In addition, FGB has purchased a modular probe changing system. This flexible tooling system combines the automatic changing of probes and styli and thus increases the flexibility of the coordinate measuring machine for the most diverse measuring tasks in the practice of a special-purpose machine manufacturer.

The investment is a reasonable addition to FGB’s comprehensive and powerful machine park. In particular, with the measuring accuracy that can be achieved now and the inspection programmes which can be set up quickly, quality assurance with regard to demanding production parts will be raised to a new level. In this way, FGB will be able to meet customer expectations in the future even better.

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