Eddy Current Test Systems

Sensors (Systems) for Crack Test

Crack test probes for use in crack testing systems:

Differential probes for the crack test available in a frequency range of 30 kHz – 2 MHz in different designs, different lengths and diameters. Wear can be guaranteed in a contact test, for instance by means of a ceramic part. The probes are also available as pin probes for manual testing.


Probe carriers in a special design

for instance with 12 probes for the crack test.
Easy to use, individual probes can be exchanged, retrofitting the probes to other contours is possible.



Rotor systems
available in various models.

Inline crack test of rotation symmetrical parts.
Compact rotor with settable test diameter with up to 6,000 rpm.
For high part flow rate. Test frequency 100 kHz … 1 MHz







Hand-operated rotor for crack test on even parts.
Rotors are available in various widths and with various (30 kHz – 2 MHz).






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