Assembly Technology

Assembly and Testing System for Clutch Release Bearing Cup

Task and Process

This ample shows a fully automatic assembly system for coupling releasers. The central releaser is a partially pre-mounted component and undergo various tests in the system, before more parts are attached and it is labelled with a code.

Montage- und Prüfanlage für Kupplungsausrücker-1Montage- und Prüfanlage für Kupplungsausrücker-2

To do this, the operator takes the central releaser from a supply belt and places it into the workpiece carrier. This is mounted to a rotary plate and is indexed to the next step after the start by the operator. In this way, it passes through six stations in which the following work is carried out automatically.

First, the smooth operation, block dimensions and spring force of the central releaser and also the installation of the snap ring and the part height are checked in a pure testing station. Then a leak test is carried out by a leak testing unit in the following station. The next two work steps involve the assembly of a lock ring and dust cap. The components is now complete and is sent to a further station where it is labelled with a code before being ejected as a nonconforming or conforming part based on the test criteria.

5 pieces/min.

> 95%


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