Assembly Technology

Assembly System for Lighting Modules

Task and Process

The system shown here serves the assembly and testing of various models of a car light module. Each module comprises a basic casing in which a contact plate with three lights is inserted. Also, two clips and a screw need to be mounted. The completed assembly steps are checked directly in the system by mean of function tests.

Montageanlage für Lichtmodule-1Montageanlage für Lichtmodule-2

The basic machine concept comprises a rotary indexing table with five stations; the individual parts are fitted by the operator at the first station. This means that the module is already pre-mounted. The further process runs automatically.

The light module is electrically adapted to test the power draw and light function. Here, a colour sensor checks whether the specified light filter is installed depending on the model. Parallel to this, the inside of the casing is checked for vaporization.

A leak test is carried out at the next station. To this end, a test bell is placed on the module and compressed air is applied to the casing. Test criterion is the pressure loss after a defined time period.

In the following work step, the two clips and the screws need to be mounted. Once the light module has passed all function tests, it is labelled with an ink jet printer at the last station before being removed manually. In contrast, non-conforming parts are sorted out.

<= 30 sec. / machine cycle

>= 95%


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