Assembly Technology

Assembly and Testing System for Lighting Modules

Task and Process

At the work station described here, various models for the right and left light modules of a type are mounted manually and then tested automatically. The variants differ by the use or non-use of the light filter and also by the colour of the inner lens of the indicator.

Montage und Prüfanlage für Lichtmodule_1Montage und Prüfanlage für Lichtmodule_2

Depending on the model, the operator inserts the required casing and then the light filter and inner lens depending the type. In an automatic process, the casing type is queried to define the required light filter/lens combination as a criterion for further testing. Parallel to this, the inside of the casing is checked for vaporization. Then the colour of the inner lens is queried and whether the light filter is in place. In a last work step, a stamp is applied to the casing of the tested conforming module and can be removed by the operator.

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