Assembly Technology

Reconditioning / Upgrading of Systems

In addition to the development of completely new systems for its customers, FGB is also able to modify existing systems or plant after an in-depth inspection. By the way, even if the systems are by other manufacturers.

The modernise control equipment by installing the latest components, thereby also guaranteeing the availability of spare parts. In addition, we also update the safety features of your system to meet CE conformity standards. We also dismantle your system, clean and overhaul mechanical and electrical components, update the software to the state of the art, and optimise the function and reliability of the machine. We document all modernisation work. From a purely economic point of view, modernising your system is often a real alternative to the expensive procurement of new equipment.

Make use of these benefits. Trust our experience and expertise in the machine overhauling field. We will be happy to advise you in detail and free of charge. Just ask us!


Bernhard Beck

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