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Intelligent Transport System

After the development of the TransInno, an innovative linear drive that allows straight sections of unlimited length to be overcome, FGB is currently working on the next innovative technological transport system:

FGB is already working with IntelliTrans – the intelligent transport system of the future. Today, transport solutions of various kinds are used in many production operations to move workpieces quickly and precisely to their respective processing station. These comprise various transport trolleys that can pick up the products and a guidance system in which the trolley is fed through the production process. Conventional transport equipment has been too expensive to date and less flexible, in particular if large masses need to be positioned quickly and precisely.

The research project IntelliTrans will implement an intelligent transport system whose design has significant advantages over conventional transport equipment. The technology builds on high-performance linear drives that do not need cost-intensive magnets and can overcome long paths. In line with Industry 4.0, the motorised trolleys of the transport system steer autonomously without cables, on their individual transport routes in a time-optimised and collision-free manner. Integrated switches allow the needs-based in-feed and ejection of additional transport trolleys, or those that are no longer required.

IntelliTrans is used to apply progressive technology concepts in innovative production equipment. Thanks to these properties and functions, the newly designed transport system is used variably in tomorrow’s production facilities and also allows significant costs and time savings.

Here is a brief animation:

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