Assembly Technology

Assembly Station for Motor Pumps

Task and process

The system shown here comprises two manual work stations at which a motor pump is first produced from individual parts and then the finished pump is screwed into a holder. A distinctive feature of both work stations is that all individual steps can only be completed if the respective parts have been mounted correctly. This is ensured by means of a sensor detection and monitoring of the aids used, in this example part holders, clamp fasteners and manual screwdrivers. The powered manual screwdrivers are hung to counterweights to facilitate their use by the operator.

Montageplatz für Motorpumpen-1Montageplatz für Motorpumpen 2

At both work stations, parts can only be removed once all work steps have been completed and if the part is conform. If the part is classified as nonconforming based on an error that was detected during assembly, this remains clamped in the holder. It can only be removed after acknowledgement by the operator, who can then carry out a reliable sorting process.

approx 30 sec.

>= 95%


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