Assembly Technology

Assembly System for Valve Tappets

Task and Process

A plastic line is mounted to a valve tappet in the rotary indexing machine shown here. The two parts are supplied as bulk.

The tappet delivered by the vibrating spiral conveyor is separated and then place in the correct position in the holder of the first station of the rotary indexing table. In the following station, sensors establish whether the part is in place and in the correct position for subsequent assembly steps. The plastic ring is fed to an assembly mandrel at the next station. This widens the ring. Then, in the next station, it can be scraped off when the assembly mandrel is placed onto the tappet. In the next step, there is an optical query of the drawing-compatible assembly of the ring in the tappet puncture. Also, the assembly mandrel is regreased for the next cycle. At the last station the part is removed and automatically sorted into conforming or nonconforming containers.

5 sec.

> 95%


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