Assembly Technology

Assembly and Testing System for Steering Systems

Task and Process

Final assembly and the functional test of the steering systems are carried out at these two manual work stations. To this end the steering systems are affixed to pallets which can be moved manually from one work station to the next.

At the first station the operator screws a pressure line to the steering system using torque-controlled manual screwdrivers that are hung in balance suspensions for easier use. In the same way, a further screw can be affixed to the oil pump unit of the steering system. The operator then releases the pallet and pushes it into the test station.

This is where the steering system is first filled with oil by the operator who used a dosing unit to pour the oil into the open system tank. Then he connects the input shaft of the steering system to the coupling of the test motor and can then carry out a function test of the driven system. The various steering wheel movements are simulated by the rotary movement of the motor. After the end of the test, the steering system is disconnected from the drive again and a lid is placed onto the oil tank. The operator then releases the part attachment on the pallet and puts it to one side depending on its test status. The empty pallet is pushed manually into the previous station.

approx 65 sec.

> 95%


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