Assembly Technology

Assembly System for Connection Clips

Task and Process

The system described here mounts two small parts to create a connection clip. To this end a plastic ring (Part 1) with an inner diameter of 6 mm is pushed fully automatically onto the clip axle (Part 2) and clicks into the designated groove.

As the modified product is classified as a safety-relevant component in the vehicle, the system process security is subject to very strict requirements. The operator only needs to intervene every 90 minutes to refill the vibrating spiral conveyors. Otherwise, the machine runs fully automatically without an operator.

The parts that need to be mounted are supplied as bulk. Vibrating spiral conveyors separate and orient the parts before they are sent to the rotary indexing table. This comprises five stations:

First, the clip axle is supplied and placed in the respective workpiece carriers on the rotary table. This is followed by two test stations in which the relevant dimensions of the parts are checked. In the next step, the plastic ring is mounted. Then the parts are ejected.

900 piece/h.

> 95%

< 1 / 1 000 000

< 1 / 100


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