Assembly Technology

Assembly System for Linear Bearings

Task and Process

Various small parts are mounted to create a linear bearing in the system. This initially comprises a centric shaft that bears three longitudinal tracks for the balls. The 24 balls are held by a tubular ball cage. The entire component is also in a tube that acts as an assembly aid.

Montageanlage für Linearlager-1Montagelager für Linearlager-2

The basic machine concept comprises a rotary indexing system. All work steps are carried out in a fully automatic process. The bearing bushing and shaft are loaded in the first station. In the next step, the balls are mounted to the ball cage and handed over to the indexing table. Then the spring-loaded tracks are mounted that need to be inserted between the cage and the shaft. In the next station the parts are checked to ensure that they are complete and guarantee that the required number of balls are in place. Finally, the competed bearing is handed over to a buffer belt.

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