Assembly Technology

Assembly System for Plastic Lines

Task and Process

A plastic line is mounted and tested using the assembly system shown here. The basic machine concept comprises a rotary indexing system with twelve stations. The system is loaded with the individual mounting parts manually; otherwise the entire process is automatic.

In total, nine single parts are used to create a complete line. This requires two cycles of the indexing table. At the end of the first cycle, a connecting head and a seal are attached to one end of the line. Then the component reaches the operator again who moves it from holder 1 to holder 2. In the following cycle, a connecting head and a seal are attached to the other end, and then a push-on contact with a pre-mounted lock ring is attached to both sides. This completes the assembly process. The cycle includes a differential pressure test, greasing of the seals and then part labelling with a laser at the subsequent stations. At the last station the finished parts are removed by a handling system and then sorted into conforming or nonconforming parts.

< 12 sec.

> 95%

2 bar compressed air


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