Assembly Technology

Assembly Line for Brake Hoses

Task and Process

The assembly line described below mounts various types of brake hoses and then checks these for leaks using compressed air. The part types may vary with respect to the length, fittings and protective sheaths. The hose sections are transported through the system using a clocked supply belt; a grip handling unit with a lifting rake attached to the individual stations affixes the hoses.

At the start of the system the hose sections are measured, then the sheaths or protective hose sections are sent to the various points of the hose section, where they are separated and mounted at precise positions.

In the next work step, the connection fittings for the hose ends are sent, mounted in the correct position and then connected to the hose sections using radial drawing units in compliance with the works norm. After assembly, the hoses are all measured and the results are compared to the initial hose length measurements.

Then a continuous test is carried out to check the opening cross-section and a high-pressure test is carried out with compressed air at 140 bar; the test criterion here is the pressure loss over time on the sealed hose.

After the process, the conforming tested hoses are labelled on the end fittings by means of a roller stamp. Nonconforming Hoses are ejected into corresponding containers by means of a handling unit.

3 Mio.

hose sections 380 to 600 mm long

<= 6 sec.

>= 90%

140 ± 5 bar


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