Assembly Technology

Assembly System for Clutch Slave Cylinders

Task and Process

The assembly system is part of a production line for clutch slave cylinders. It comprises a rotary indexing table with six stations; parts are loaded and removed manually at the first station. A lock ring is attached to the previously mounted clutch slave cylinders at the next station. An assembly handling unit is used that grabs and mounted a lock ring supplied from a conveyor store. At the following station, the piston of the clutch slave cylinder is first oiled and then a defined area of the part is wetted with assembly fluid in preparation of the next work step. A lock washer is mounted and a threaded pin is inserted in the following station.

This completes the assembly of the component so that a leak test and mechanical function test can be carried out in the next work step. To this end, the piston is moved by sliding modules.

The part is labelled in a needle printing process at the last station.

Due to the fact that the entire assembly process is monitored by sensors, the operator can remedy faults at any point. For instance, he can remove parts and sort them or re-feed them for a further processing cycle in the system.

< 12 sec.

> 95%


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