Assembly Technology

Assembly System for Angle Fittings

Task and Process

The system described below is an assembly system in which six small parts are attached to a plastic angled fitting. This system is equipped with a rotary indexing table on which ten completely automatic stations are passed:

Montageanlage für Winkelarmaturen-1-1Montageanlage für Winkelarmaturen-2

First, the oriented and separated angled fitting is handed over to the rotary plate. Then a venting valve is screwed in, in compliance with the defined torque. This component is then checked for leaks by means of a differential pressure test. In subsequent stations, two lock rings and two plugs are mounted before the part is labelled. The second to last work step involves the assembly of a dust cap. The finished parts are then ejected as conforming or nonconforming parts based on the test criteria.

< 12 sec.

> 95%

Parts for min. 500 mounted fittings in the bunkers.

< 80db(A)

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