Assembly Technology

Preliminary Tests

If there is any uncertainty about whether critical functions can be implemented as planned, preliminary tests can be carried out at an early stage of the design phase. The feasibility, and possibly any remaining problems, can be identified at a very early stage so that modifications and optimisations can flow into the final design of the affected components and/or stations.

Interference factors and design errors are detected so early that it is still possible to modify the design without considerable expense. This also shortens the design and production process.

Preliminary tests are carried out, analysed and evaluated in our in-house technology centre. Our employees also have years of experience in this field which enables them to assess the success of the system.

Are you uncertain about whether the concept you have come up with will work? Then just contact us! We will be happy to advise you about these issues and make a recommendation about when preliminary tests need to be carried out.


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