Direct drives


Our customers confront us with special requirements relating to direct drives every day; for instance, high dynamics, very low speeds, small construction space, high pressures, extreme temperatures, rough ambient conditions, damaging radiation or also other issues. We are therefore used to addressing new special tasks and/or developing suitable solutions for technical challenges together with out customers.

On the following pages we show you how diverse our development work is. The band width ranges from small to large, from very slow to very dynamic and from lightweight to solid and extremely rigid solutions. Thanks to our extensive experience in various application fields, we will find the right solution for even the most complex of tasks.

The following is a brief excerpt of our development activities. The project descriptions aim to serve as ideas. It is unlikely that you will find the solution for your technical problem here. But there may be parallels. We will be happy to look at your application in detail and advise you how your technical specification can be fulfilled.  

Just ask us! We will be happy to take the time and coordinate the project with you.

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Dieter Bauch-Panetzky

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