Direct drives

Actuator with Redundancy: Deep Sea Area (Subsea)

The Challenge

  • Use of the drive-in shut-off valves of pipelines in deep sea regions: -Ensuring all functions at a sea depth of up to 3000 metres
  • In emergencies, the valves must be shut off quickly, reliably and securely
  • Maintenance work with diving robots can involve seven-figure sums per application -> Goal: Minimisation of work that requires these kind of operations
Torquemotor vom Typ RMI 200 für Antrieb mit Redundanz: Tiefseebereich (Subsea)

The Solution by FGB

  • Torque motor of the type RMI 200
  • But: redundant coil design, i.e. dual coil ring -> Ensures all functions even when one coil suddenly becomes defective.
  • Design with the required high cogging as a holding torque in case of a power failure
  • Cooled by the environment (water)

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