Direct drives

Advantages of direct drives

In direct drives, the motor is connected directly to the operating machine. In this way, direct drives avoid most mechanical transmission elements between the motor and operating machine. For instance, there are no components such as belts or transmissions. Wear, noise, maintenance expenses and the impact of mechanical batches is reduced significantly. The number of parts and the associated space requirements for a drive system are reduced significantly.

The higher system rigidity of direct drives allows extremely precise positioning. High acceleration values guarantee much shorter cycle times. Direct drives are primarily designed with permanent magnet excitation and stand out thanks to a high torque (torque motor) and/or high thrust (linear motor). FGB direct drives already have full torque and full thrust at standstill, and make this available throughout the entire rpm and speed range.

Here is a summary of the most important benefits again:

  • No gears/belts, therefore less noise, no soil in the system, less friction, less wear and maintenance
  • Fewer parts, which means less procurement/assembly effort
  • No play, therefore highly dynamic acceleration with a high level of positional precision
  • High dynamics: Shorter cycle times boost the machine productivity
  • High efficiency that is precisely tuned to the application
  • Less construction space: The machine requires less space

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