Direct drives

Biaxial Test Component (Hybrid Axle)

The Challenge

  • Independent highly dynamic movements both axial and also rotative (rotations > 360°)
  • Axial force >= 14 kN, Frequency > 30Hz, lift up to +/- 20 mm
  • Motor rated torque = 200 Nm, rated speed = 400 rpm
  • Speed-overlaid frequency up to 25Hz, amplitude up to +/- 12°
  • No wear on the entire drive also for micro movements
Zweiachsige Prüfkomponente (Hybridachse)

The Solution by FGB

  • Combined lift-turn unit comprising an E-motor and a hydraulic cylinder
  • Rotor is also part of the hydraulic cylinder
  • Hydrostatic bearings of the rotor/cylinder
  • Development of a wear-free encoder for a linear lifting range of +/- 20 mm

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