Direct drives

Torque Motor for Testing Applications

The Challenge

  • High dynamic of the drive (acceleration up to 1,000,000°/s²)
  • High motor push factor >= 4.8N/cm²
  • Active heat dissipation through the fan
  • Minimum cogging =< 0.1% of the rated torque
  • Rated torque = 200 Nm, speed = 425 rpm
  • Rotor swinging with a frequency up to 25Hz, amplitude up to +/- 12°
Torquemotor für Prüfanwendungen

The Solution from FGB

  • Optimisation of the rotor with regard to mass inertia and torsion rigidity
  • Development of a highly rigid rotor for reduction of measuring inaccuracies between the encoder and motor drive side
  • Optimisation of the cut sheet metal with regard to motor losses and cogging torques
  • Development of a highly rigid stator casing with active air cooling

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