Direct drives

Application-specific consulting

This step is hugely important for successful project processing. By offering application-specific support, we learn about the customer’s application in detail and are better able to understand what aspects are really important when realising the project.

Support usually starts by clarifying the requirements of the drive system in dialogue with the customer. After this the design form (rotative, linear) is usually defined. Also, basic features, such as performance, voltage, speed/torque (rotative) and/or speed/force (linear), are defined here.

Then the preliminary deliberations for dimensioning the motor are carried out. Special ambient conditions are also taken into account (work temperature, cooling types). Likewise, the energy supply (which servo converter, possibly recuperation) and electrical interfaces to the drive (encoder system, temperature sensor) are clarified.

Depending on the level of integration of the planned direct drive (installed motor or complete motor with casing, bearing and measuring system), support also covers the mechanical surroundings and the connection of the motor to the directly adjacent components.

If necessary, we will be happy to help you prepare and formulate technical specifications that document the technical requirements of the project in a manner that is clear for all participants.

Any questions about the range of services described here? Just give us a call or send an e-mail! We will be happy to explain all activities to you in detail!


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