Special-purpose Machinery

High Pressure Test System for Brake Hoses

Test and Process

The system described here serves pneumatic high-pressure testing of clutch hoses. Apart from manual loading and removal of the parts, the system runs automatically.

There is a total of ten hose holders that are operated alternately: the current test runs in five stations positioned above one another; at the other five stations the operator can change parts. All hose holders on the right-hand side of the system are located on a sliding unit that can be moved manually to adjust the respective hose length.

Test criterion is the pressure loss in the hose during the pre-set time period.

The hoses in the test are covered with a protective disc. On completion, these move across the newly loaded stations and therefore release the test hoses for removal. In the case of non-conforming parts, the auxiliary attachments remain closed, so that the operator needs to confirm to open them. The part can be removed manually and placed in a shaft for nonconforming parts.

140 bar

Hose diameter 12 – 14 mm
Hose length 1500 – 2500 mm
Various fittings


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