Special-purpose Machinery

Test Stand for Oil Lubrication

Test and Process

The following describes a test bench that serves to spot check the injection lubrication points.

These test pieces are pipes that are equipped with outlet nozzles at various points. A oil jet exits the thirteen nozzles in a defined direction and flow rate. This guarantees that the oil is available at the required lubrication points in the specified manner.

This system is equipped with two-part holders. The flow rate quantity through the various nozzles is determined at the first holder. To this end, the part is fixed in the holder, connected to the pressure line and then aligned so that the oil runs into the respective collection lines during the test run. These lines lead to calibrating tanks at which the operator can read the injected oil quantity and therefore the flow rate after a certain time.

The second workplace serves to test the spray direction of the various nozzles. Here, too, the part is inserted and fixed by the operator. The process can be started after the test piece has been connected to the pressure line. The operator examines the oil jets and assesses the direction using target circles which the oil needs to hit in a defined area.

50 l

can be set in the range 40 – 140 °C

20 l/min., max. 3 bar


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