Special-purpose Machinery

Crimping Plant for Piston Rods

Task and Process

In the example presented here, the workpiece is a piston rod for the brake force amplifier. The system serves to caulk this piston rod at one end with a pressure piece. The goal is to create a play-free connection between the ball head or the piston rod and the pressure piece although swivelling of ±4° to each other still needs to be possible.

The system is designed as a semi-automatic workplace. The operator first places the greased pressure part into the respective holder. Then he clamps the piston rod into its holding device and closes the protection door. The rest of the process is automatic: The piston rod is pressed into the borehole of the pressed fitting with a force of 2000N. As soon as the parts are in place, the measuring equipment is zeroised and saves the recorded length as a final dimension that needs to be reached after the caulking process. The piston rod is now pulled back slightly. Due to the forces created on the ball head during the now on-going caulking process, the piston rod is pulled back into the pressure part. Once the previously determined end dimension is reached, the caulking is stopped. The measuring equipment carries out an inspection measurement again before the protection door opens and the part can be removed.

If there is a nonconforming part, that e.g. does not have the correct end dimensions, the operator must press a confirm button to release the clamp equipment.

< 22 sec.

> 95%


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