Special-purpose Machinery

Fissure and Surface Testing Machine for Cylindrical Parts


Rolls of different sizes need to be tested for cracks and surface errors on the sheath surface. Despite the high flow rate, targeted sorting is necessary to avoid ‘pseudo scrap’. As the rolls do not have bevels and radii in this processing state, specific separation and secure testing time switching are necessary.


The cylinder rolls are fed into the system in a row one behind each other on the customer’s conveyor belt, and are then handed over to the test path through a hose section. The two drive transport roll pairs allow separation of the rolls and ensure they rotate when moved along the test path. In combination with the two movements, there is a spiral-shaped covering test track for surface testing (crack test and optical test) of the cylinder sheath surface. Thanks to the position of the sorting flaps, the parts are divided into ‘conforming’ parts, ‘parts with optical faults’ and ‘parts that did not pass the crack test’.

Crack test according to the eddy current method, dynamic,
Option: Optical surface testing

two machine types
Type 1: Ø 3 – 15 mm L 5 – 60 mm
Type 2: Ø 8 – 25 mm L 9 – 60 mm

Depending on the test piece length
max. 3 parts/sec.

Forced transport and heavy-duty transport combined
Type 1: With slanted transport axle for small parts
Type 2: With horizontal transport axle for large part


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