Special-purpose Machinery

Filling Module for Priming Charges

General Information

The system shown here serves to produce percussion caps as used e.g. for shells of rifle and pistol ammunition.

The correct dose of paste-like primer is applied to the percussion cap capsules in a semi-automatic process. The primer is measured with a coating calliper that is filled manually. The coating calliper and the workpiece carriers with the capsules are transported automatically. The coating calliper is positioned above the workpiece carriers and then the primer is filled into the capsules. In addition to the coating station, there is also a control station to check the supplied capsules.

The system is specially designed for handling the explosive materials: The basic frame comprises open profiles that makes it easier to clean and prevents deposits of primer. All machine parts are coated to prevent sparks being created when metal parts bang against each other. The electrical connections are intrinsically safe. Also, there is a routine filed in the system control unit which ejects unused primer into a water bath. This ensures that no primer can dry out in the system and explode.

1000 part/min.

>= 98%


Bernhard Beck

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