Special-purpose Machinery

Pallet Converter for Cleanroom Sluices

Task and Process

The system described here serves to move materials from pallets into a clean room air lock. Any material that was brought from the clean room to the air lock is repacked from a special clean room pallet made of aluminium to a standard wooden pallet. Then the transferred unit can be sent to dispatch, and the empty remaining clean room pallet is available again.

There is a plastic capstan between the clean room pallet and the material stacked onto it, e.g. individual cartons. It protrudes 10 centimetres over the pallet on one side. In this area, the capstan is gripped by the transfer device and is pulled, together with the materials, from the clean room pallet onto the wooden pallet. Stoppers ensure that both pallets do not slip during this process.

The operator also has the possibility of setting the height of the wooden pallet with a floor-mounted lifting device so that both pallets are at the same height. This is necessary to compensate the production tolerance of the wooden pallets.

max. 650 kg

approx. 100 mm/sec.

6 mm/sec.


Bernhard Beck

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