Special-purpose Machinery

Test Station for Clutch Verification System

General information

Coupling activation systems are tested, programmed and marked on the semi-automatic work station with the two stations described below. The system needs to be filled with oil for testing.

In the first station, the parts are inserted by hand and then identified with the hand scanner and a bar code. The part is then automatically modified electrically and mechanically. Then the electrical test cycle with the retracting cycles starts. After the end of the test, the control unit is automatically programmed. Then the part is handed over manually to Station 2.

The process here also starts with the bar code query. The part is then connected manually to the filling head and sealed. Oil is filled without any bubbles. Then the hydraulic test process starts automatically. After this, the part is marked with a needle stamp and can be removed manually. In the case of non-conforming parts, the protective door that is locked during the test only opens if confirmed by the operator. The error label printed in this case is attached to the respective part which is then sorted out by the operator.


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