Special-purpose Machinery

Test System for Non-destructive Testing of Railway Tracks


The surface and the lower material of railway tracks need to be checked for faults on defined test tracks. The testing system is integrated into a production line for railway tracks and carries out the tests on the passing tracks after the eddy current and ultrasound testing procedure. The task comprises the drive and the transport of the rails near the testing system, the delivery and guidance of the eddy current test probes, a calibration device as well as the control and monitoring equipment required for automatic operation.


The rails are fed to the system via the customer’s rollerway. Various drivers assume the transport and guidance functions of the parts near the system. The eddy current units are designed as flexible modules that adapt once they are docked onto the rail system, and therefore guarantee the necessary continuous distance of the test probes. A rollerway arranged next to the transport path serves to adjust and calibrate the test units. These are moved to the service position for this. After passing the eddy current test section, the rails pass through the ultrasound test area; there is a colour marking at the outlet here. There is an integrated control unit for checking the rail geometry in front of the first test cassette to secure the test modules. The corresponding sensors trigger fast retraction of the probe units in case of danger on the test modules.

approx. 22

up to 144 m

up to 1,5 m/sec.

2 m/sec.

100 mm
800 mm

± 5 mm
± 10 mm

± 50 mm


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