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Machine Safety Advice

Machine and plant safety is a complex issue that has grown in importance in recent years; especially as a result of the new Machinery Directive. At the same time, we have noticed that customers who purchase the plant are slightly unsure and unfamiliar with the many new norms and regulations.

In particular, the fact that the machine bears a CE symbol is often not enough for the operator. This only documents, that the manufacturer has met the protection goals of the Machinery Directive. For instance, safety elements need to be attached wherever it was not possible for the machine design to eliminate hazardous points. Of course, it is the designer’s responsibility to observe the valid guidelines and standards and to design a safe machine;

However, nowadays, operators need to check their machines themselves with respect to their special use in the company and assess the application-specific safety aspects such as ergonomics, noise etc.,

which is why it is good to have a competent partner like FGB at your side who is familiar with all statutory machine safety specifications and ensures that the valid norms ad regulations are observed reliably. New hazardous points are created with every new development, modification or modernisation. We secure these adequately before your machine is commissioned and protect your employees with appropriate safety elements and by offering training courses about how to handle the system correctly and safely.

Any questions about this important issue? Our specialists will be happy to talk to you about machine safety and offer free and non-binding advice. Just give us a call or send an e-mail! We will be happy to take the time to talk to you about this topic.


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