Special-purpose Machinery

Assembly machine for electrical igniter

Task and process

The system shown here mounts various electrical igniters to ignite pyrotechnical propellants or explosives. The very small mechanical parts that are to be mounted are supplied as bulk materials. Vibrating spiral conveyors separate and orient the parts before they are fed to the rotary indexing table. This comprises 17 stations:

At first, the outer sleeves are supplied directly as bulk materials via a vibrating spiral conveyor and are placed into the holder of the rotary indexing table. The vulcanised fibre bowl is punched from strip material directly in the system where it is shaped and then joined. The other components are supplied as bulk materials, and are oriented and are mounted in the defined position. A resistance measurement is also carried out to check the arrangement of the metallic layer part. The entire assembly process is monitored, including an optical inspection of the concentric joining positions. After the inner sleeve has been mounted, the entire unit is flanged and/or affixed with wobble rivets. The entire process is secured by a further subsequent final check that ensures the reliable functional capability of the electrical igniter.

Due to the variety of types, there is also a fast exchange system integrated into the system so that all the part holders in the rotary indexing table can be changed within a minute.

5 units/min.

>= 95%


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