Special-purpose Machinery

Ultrasound Test System for Bearing Rings

Task and Process

The system described below was developed for the roller bearing industry and serves to test inner and outer bearing rings for material faults in an ultrasound process. These faults could be inclusions or cracks.

The system is designed so that the operator positions the parts and also removes them after the test; but the test itself is carried out automatically. The bearing and ring type are defined first. The test cycle then starts after the input has been acknowledged by the operator:

Then ring is clamped and rotated by means of the drive rollers on the outside. Now the test head on the sliding unit moves into position. The ring rotational speed and the movement speed are timed so that a screw-like, covering test track is created. After the end of the process, the ring drive stops, the test head moves to the basic position and the part is relaxed. The operator takes the ring and sorts it according to the test result.

1 m/sec.

Water with rust inhibitor

Outer ring-Ø outside: 140 – 340 mm
Inner ring- Ø outer: 90 – 220 mm
Width: 16 – 100 mm
Weight: max. 18 kg


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