Test Rigs and Components

3-axial Wear Testing Bays

The system serves permanent and development measurements at different steering gears and steering force support systems. The objective of the tests is to examine the suitability of the steering systems for use in vehicles and to draw conclusions about their development.

To carry out development activities in this area quickly and successfully, it is essential to determine the probable wear of the steering under real vehicle loads.

Resulting, the test bench must be able to send multi-channel real-time signals about the load components in the test piece.

The adjustment ranges of the overall structure are selected to allow vehicle-compatible installation. The drive pinion of the steering is turned in both directions in driving mode via a rotating drive in practical conditions. The speed-variable, rotating steering spindle movement is realised analogue to the rotating movement on the steering wheel that is initiated using a three-phase or hydraulic servo drive and a low-play planetary gear. The force is transmitted on the tie rod via 2 linear cylinders directly and/or via a reversing lever.

A software system from FGB with coordinated electronic components is used for regulation. This comprises 16-bit digital measuring, control and regulation electronics, a multiaxial function generator with oscilloscope and a multiaxial module for real-time tests. The target and actual signal can be shown permanently via the intuitive user interface, and the quality of the test signal can be monitored and analysed. Also, the signals are automatically adjusted when the set limit values are exceeded.

200 Nm


25 kN


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