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2-axial Testing Bay for v-links

This 2-axle system serves to test wishbones and tie rods in lorries.

The test pieces are exposed to forces of up to 250 kN on one axle or two axles at maximum frequencies of 30 Hz. The wear of the rubber elements in the attachment points of the wishbone and of the wishbone itself is examined.

These rubber elements are necessary for elastic absorption of the spring paths of the rear axle and the frame deformations that occur during operation; they ensure acoustic decoupling of the wheel-bearing parts.

The test bench stands out thanks to its absolute play-free mechanics that guarantee test results of the highest quality.

The 2-axle test bench for wishbones has been designed so that forces of +/- 250 kN, both in the vehicle longitudinal direction (braking forces) and also in the vehicle transverse direction (lateral forces), can be applied simultaneously via the central joint of the wishbone and supported by the car body articulation points. The forces are transferred per cylinder by means of a pair of coupling rods; here, force can be transferred quasi free of torque on the one side thanks to their arrangement and on the other side by using play-free flexural pivot elements as a connection, even without using additional guides.

This test bench by FGB was designed and manufactured in compliance with the relevant work and operational safety norms, and was also subject to a risk analysis.


Technical data:


F = +/- 300 kN (longitudinal and transverse loads)

F = +/- 250 kN (longitudinal and transverse loads)

F = 20 Hz

30 Hz


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