Test Rigs and Components

Functional Testing Bay for Steering Gears

The function test bench serves to test mechanical and dynamic characteristic curves of a steering system by means of repeat standardised tests and/or special tests. The test bench primarily comprises a basic frame in a stable steel welded construction. A T-slot plate made of steel has T-slots in a longitudinal direction. The work area is protected against intervention during operation by a protective casing with sliding doors and safety lock.

Technical data

25 kN

50 Nm

The tie rod load unit primarily comprises a compound sliding unit incl. linear guide. The longitudinal and transverse direction are adjusted manually. The clamp is set mechanically. A servo-hydraulic test cylinder is held by a bracket and excites the steering according to the respective requirements. The steering movement unit (adapted to the required forces, torques and speeds) primarily comprises a sturdy, reinforced load frame with electrical adjustment and mechanical clamp, and a three-phase servo drive with low-play planetary gears. The servo drive is equipped with a digital absolute encoder. A matching torque measuring shaft is also part of the delivery scope. 3 hydraulic aggregates are also part of the test bench. One to operate the servo-cylinder, filled with hydraulic oil ISO VG 46. Two further aggregates are planned for alternative operations. One aggregate is filled with ATF steering oil and the other aggregate with Pentosin steering oil. Due to the technical necessity, both steering oil aggregates can be tempered. The necessary software was developed at FGB in close cooperation with the customer. The characteristic curves generated by the test are saved, and need to be archived for documentation purposes so that they can be retrieved again at any time. The test bench software allows customer-specified functional tests to be carried out.


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