Test Rigs and Components

6-axial Elastomer Testing Bay

This system is designed as a 6-axle machine to test parts in numerous designs and dimensions. The machine frame was subject to an FE calculation and oscillation analysis. The frame primarily comprises a machine table, crosshead and 4 inductively hardened and hard chrome-plated pillars.

Based on the test bench concept, the test piece can be excited in 6 degrees of freedom.

As the self-developed dual cylinder units with hydrostatic pocket bearings per force direction each have 4 piston rods (simultaneous twist lock) and 1 coupling rod per piston rod pair (connection to the test platform), the machine is able to transfer forces into the test piece in the direction and/or torque around the x-, y-, z-axis. This machine allows regulation in all room coordinates.

The test piece platform has its counter-bearing for all forces and torques centrally on the crosshead. A 6-component load cell can be attached in this attachment axis. In addition to the 6-component force absorber, force can be measured in the shear centre of the test parts by DMS on the coupling rod. To allow the increase of the swivel angle around the z-axis, an additional rotary axis can be integrated on the crosshead.

A software system from FGB with coordinated electronic components is used for regulation. This comprises 16-bit digital measuring, control and regulation electronics, a multiaxial function generator with oscilloscope and a multiaxial module for real-time tests. The target and actual signal can be shown permanently via the intuitive user interface, and the quality of the test signal can be monitored and analysed. Also, the signals are automatically adjusted when the set limit values are exceeded.

6 (3 linear and 3 rotary axes)

up to 160 kN

up to 1000 Nm

up to 50 Hz


Mario Wolf

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