Test Rigs and Components

Servo-hydraulic Multi-axial Characteristic-curve Test Rig

The test bench was developed to simulate real or planned axis kinematics. The basis for the system is a 4-pillar machine frame in extremely rigid and heavy-duty version. The machine frame is designed as a steel-welded construction including a hydraulically adjustable crosshead for variable test piece heights. There is a hydrostatic transverse force cylinder with 1000 mm lift attached in the z-direction. There is a cross table with linear guides mounted in the x/y-direction. The test pieces (air springs) are attached on a swivel plate. The swivelling is realised by a rotary drive, which is an in-house development.

The hydrostatically supported hydraulic cylinders allow the movement of ± 250 mm in the x and y direction respectively. They serve to transfer the transverse forces into the air springs. These transverse forces can only be overlaid by an incline of ± 30°. The vertical excitation of the air springs is possible with a path of ± 500 mm. The maximum frequency is limited here to 0.4 Hz. The machine frame is designed for dynamic tests up to 10 Hz.

The axis kinematics is implemented in rail curves using a software module that was developed at FGB. This allows the test bench 4 (of 6 possible) degrees of freedom

4-pillar (each 300 mm diameter)

height-adjustable from 150 mm to 1200 mm

Z-axis 160 kN, X-, Y-axis each 63 kN

16 kNm


Mario Wolf

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