Test Rigs and Components

Test Benches and Nose Gear

Nose gear for passenger aircraft is tested under realistic conditions with the test bench presented here. The forces and torques applied correspond here to the load generated during take-off and landing. Also, taxiing on the ground is simulated.

The basic structure of the test bench is designed so that the chassis is clamped tightly at the upper end, and the wheels can be moved on a X-Y table.

Also, a torque can be applied around the Z-axis and a test force in the Z-direction.

Thanks to the special design of the guide of the X-Y table, there is no need for a classic cross table structure (two plates and two guide levels with a moving cylinders) to realise the combined X-Y movement of the table.

This special design with just one X-Y plate has various advantages over the classic model: firstly the mass is halved and therefore the inertia of the cross table; also, the two hydrostatic cylinders are still at rest, as are the load cells and the servo valves on the cylinders that are decoupled from the shear force; this has a positive effect on the control quality of the system. Also, the guide units of the X-Y table are primarily loaded in the Z-direction.

The test bench, comprising a 4-column load frame including adjustment options in 3 axle directions, was completely developed and produced at FGB. Also, the rotary unit is equipped with bearings, gears, servo-motor including rotary angle sensor and torque measurement shaft, and a risk assessment of the entire system is carried out as part of the CE declaration.


Technical Data:

approx. 15000 kg

X and Y +/- 200 kN
Z 500 kN

around Z +/-25 kNm

X and Z +/-300 mm
Z 1100 mm
around Z +/-220°

X and Y 250 mm/sec.
Z 1 mm/s
around Z 25°/sec.


Technical Data 3-axle Table with Rotary Module:

ZVmax = 0.02 m/sec.
(Spindle lifting system)
Fmax = 150 kN1000 mm
XVmax = 0.25 m/sec.
(Hydraulic cylinder)
Fmax = ±60 kN±300 mm
YVmax = 0.25 m/sec.
(Hydraulic cylinder)
Fmax = ±60 kN±300 mm
Around ZVmax = 65°/sec.
(hydr. swivel motor)
Mmax = ±20 kNm280°


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