Test Rigs and Components

Kinematic Test Bench for Pneumatic Springs

The servo-hydraulic part kinematic test bench described here serves vertical pressure testing of pneumatic springs within a tempering chamber. Likewise, the test can also take place outside the tempering chamber.

The test bench comprises a machine frame with a mechanically adjustable and clampable crosshead, and an angled frame for positioning the climate chamber.

The 100 kN test machine cylinder is connected to the floor plate via a connecting flange. Also, the entire test bench is decoupled from any oscillations coming from the environment.

The target pressure value with a tolerance range and shut-down criterion required for the test are specified by the test bench software. When approaching the test bench, the pressure is slowly applied to the test piece. The pressurization time can be set. After the end of each test cycle, the pressure target value is checked and regulated if necessary. In case of pressure values outside the set tolerance range, the test is stopped abruptly (switching time 30 – 40 ms). This serves to protect the test piece and the test equipment.

FGB supplies the entire test bench, hydraulic connecting unit, digital measuring, control and regulation electronics for one axle, test bench software and the tempering chamber with an air conditioning unit for a temperature range of – 50°C to 180°C.


Technical Data:

250 mm

300 mm

+/- 100 kN

max. 2 m/sec.

250 ltr./min.

1x path, 4x force
4x temperature, 4x test piece pressure

Test piece pressure

1200 x 600 x 1400

1400 x 800 x 2800


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