Test Rigs and Components

Two-component Test Bench

The two-component test bench is used to carry out endurance / load tests on various parts and components used in vehicles. For instance, relevant components, such as chassis and motor bearings, as well as chassis dampers and springs are tested. The goal is to continuously improve the ‘comfort properties’ of the vehicle and therefore test the named parts across a wide oscillation range. Frequencies of up to 300 Hz can be realised.

The properties of the components determined on this test bench provide valuable information about improvement potential and also allow conclusions to be made about the behaviour of the overall vehicle with the components wit respect to the driving comfort.

The part that needs to be tested is hydraulically excited horizontally and vertically in two axes. This is realised by means of a double-column portal with adjustable crosshead in a frequency-optimised model. A cylinder is attached at the top of the crosshead in the horizontally adjustable test axis.

FGB supplies the entire test bench with the mechanics, hydraulics and two-channel hydraulic connector unit, actuators, associated measuring sensors, electronic control component for all test bench axes, simulation of the active test components, and an appropriate safety enclosure.


Technical Data:

± 100 kN

± 16 kN

1100 mm

600 mm



2300 x 1550 x 2860 mm


Test machine cylinder for excitation in the axis Z:

± 65 kN

100 mm (± 50 mm)

+/10 mm

120 mm

300 Hz

7.7 kg


Test machine cylinder for excitation in the axis X:

± 7 kN

30 mm (± 15 mm)

+/10 mm

50 mm

300 Hz


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